Running In Circles

Over the years… I’ve found that adding responsibilities.. stressors.. Certain obligations, ect. Can also result in new symptoms.

This weekend in particular I’ve been taking some ‘mini road trips’ .. An hr or two to somewhere then driving back.. I don’t know whether it’s the heat, having so much on my mind or feeling like I have a lot to do .. But I have been very dizzy. Some people have experienced dizziness as a result of the Entyvio BUT it’s been weeks sooooo…. 😐 In all my years of being ill I’ve never really been dizzy… Well.. There was the one time I passed out after a colonoscopy but that’s semi-expected from an ameture on anesthesia. This dizzy feeling is kind of sickening but hey, better than other symptoms right?

My apt with the surgeon is coming up.. What I once was so sure about seems to be a tougher decision than I thought. Getting any organ removed is life changing and I just don’t know if I am ready to commit to something so big at a young age. My uncle who is a nurse in California sent me this text .. Which of course only makes things tougher but I love having him to help me through it all.


So if you have any thoughts on the surgeries for Crohns / Colitis I am deff open to suggestions, thoughts, input???


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